We are closed for rebuilding after a fire but our little sister is hard at work withsomething fun for the new year:

Welcome to Death Proof Bar, where the reels meet the rocks and Tarantino’s iconic scenes come to life. Dive into an unforgettable night surrounded by the gritty allure of Camden’s dimly lit haven.


After a year of tempestuous turmoil, the darkness beckons once more, and we are thrilled to unveil our return this spine-tingling season, albeit in a transient abode.

From Friday the 13th of October to the ominous eve of Tuesday, the 31st, we shall seize control of our sibling establishment, True Romance, for an ephemeral Halloween extravaganza. Brace yourself for a sinister culinary journey featuring blackened pizzas, pentagram-themed delights, a cacophony of ear-shattering music, and the enigmatic allure of a glitterball scarred by the flames of the abyss.

Join us if you dare, and embrace the spectral delights that await in our sinister soiree.

Click on the BOOK link to secure your spot! 🌙🦇🔥


Springtime weekends featuring bottomless fizz & margaritas alongside a timeless camden playlist of metal / emo / nu metal / hard rock

Have you ever thought that Pizza is the breakfast of champions, or that an alarm clock on the weekend is worse than a vampire in sunlight? Us too, and so we have come up with the perfect approach to civilised daytime debauchery in Camden.

Bottomless Pizza Brunch is just £40 per person and includes the following:

Any Pizza from our menu, PLUS bottomless fizz, bloodies AND SLUSHIE MARGARITAS for 90 mins, fizz not your bag? no worries have house beer instead! Party bookings welcome, private areas available for large groups! last sitting 4pm Saturdays & Sundays.

Join Us, You Must Brunch.