Bromances and Romances That The 80’s Brought us

Today we are presenting you the list of our top-5 favorite ’80 movies featuring iconic friendship relationships, a.k.a. bromances.

Iconic Look Right There!!

Bill and ted Comedy Film Series

Rotten tomatoes rating: 79%

The story follows two teenage slackers living in California in 1988, who want to establish their own rock band “WyldStallyns”. Although succeeding in their endeavor, theindifference for high school leaves the dumb duo close to failing their history class and getting expelled. Like any other sane menunder such circumstances, friends decide to travel through time to make sure they pass and change the future. Surprisingly for them, their adventure and passion for rock will begin a utopian society in the future.

The comedy is a brilliant illustration of the late ‘80s pop cultureand is just outrageously funny. Watching Sigmund Freud hoovering cushions and Napoleon eating ice cream on a water slide, we wonder what kind of historic film might possibly ever come close to this intelligently plotted masterpiece. Additionally, the series stars Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, and George Carlin supported by a cruelly amazing soundtrack. Enjoy a nonstop giggle of the purpose-build junk comedy.

“Party on dudes!”

Soulll MANNN Look Brother!!

The Blues Brothers

Rotten tomatoes rating: 84%

After the release of Jake Blues from prison, together with his brother Elwood guys decide to visit the last of the nuns who raised them in an orphanage. Siblings discover that the church has stopped its funding and the only way to keep the place running is to pay $5000 tax on the property within 11 days. This “Mission from God” pushes brothers to put their blues band back together and stage a big gig. However, the duo makes enemies all along their way: trouble with the police, the Illinois Nazi party, a girlfriend of one of their band members, and an absolutely innocent girl who seems to crave guys’ death every minute.

The great thing about this film is its not-too-silly humor that will keep you laughing from start to finish. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves blues, unstoppable car crashes and explosionsand outstanding cameos from Steven Spielberg, Twiggy andFrank Oz. Needless to mention are the well-chosen songs and well-set pacing of the comedy. Enjoy this extremely entertaining comedy and, by the way, wearing sunglasses throughout the movie is a must.

Time To Find That Treasure… Some Say One-Eyed Willy Left It At 245 Eversholt St After a Few Famous Lost Boys Cocktails 😉

The Goonies

Rotten tomatoes rating: 71%

The film begins with a group of west coast kids including a chubby kid, a smart kid and his older brother, a nerd and an Asian dude who just keeps on surprising. The friends come together for a treasure hunt adventure hoping to save their families from poverty. The Goonies is a very nostalgic and fun adventure film, tuned by innocence, action and good friendship vides, that we highly recommend watching with your family or mates.

Police chases, pirate ships and mafia, discovery and treasure chests full of gold, freaks and skeletons… In short, all the necessary to experience the fun-filled excitement and charm.

Ever Seen The Movie? Know What That Looks ABout!

Midnight Run

Rotten tomatoes rating: 96%

Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro), a bounty hunter, has a mission to find Jonathan Mardukas (Charles Grodin), a mafia accountant who snatched $15 million from the Mob. But the FBI have their own eye on John, so the hunter must hurry! Throughout their trip, Jack and Jonathan travel over 3000 miles by literally every transportation possible: passenger and cargo trains, a couple of stolen cars, a borrowed station wagon, commercial jets… They somehow even manage to swim in the interim!

It is an intense buddy-comedy that features a unique chemistry between the characters: organic and dramatic, yet funny and compelling when it needs to. It is the film throughout which it seems you will explode at any second, but it is such a delicious comedy!


9 to 5

Rotten tomatoes rating: 82%

Three female secretaries become friends and decide to get revenge on their tyrannical, sexist-egoistical, lying and hypocritical, chauvinist bigot boss by abducting him and running the business themselves.

Unsurprisingly, it is a very funny movie, particularly because of the gifted performances of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman. Parton’s Oscar song 9 to 5 sets a positive mood starting with the film opening. What could be better than rat poison, crazy dream sequences and BDSM equipment to create a kind and pleasant comedy? However, there is a deeper meaning. The movie teaches us to work together rather than judge each other and collaboratively fight the bad guys who keep you down.