Foods the 80s brought us

It’s a new year (already) and here at Lost Boys Pizza we bet that many of you, like us, will have made a New Years resolution or two… and by resolution we mean to only switching to the occasional decaff coffee from SUDA Bakery (our go to next door to Lost Boys Pizza – they are seriously good, check them out!) this year and only eating the white snow.

But like every year, the most common resolution is to lose weight (Of course it is) above all the others. As owners, staff and even some of the furniture in 245 Eversholt st, the New Year’s resolutions made when December turned into January in the 1980s were much different to what they are now in 2020. And losing weight was nearly impossible because of all the awesome food the 80s brought us!!

So as we at Lost Boys Pizza venture to join the 21st century and lose just a little holiday weight, there’s no better time to think back on our top 3 favorites and unhealthy foods we indulged upon during the 80s! 

1.Fiendish Feet Yogurts 

Back in the 1980s, yogurts weren’t actually that exciting at all. But these tasty treats brought to us but the people at Silvel, was a game changer! A yogurt that can stand on its own two feet quite literally, was a must have treat!! So was a sad day when production stopped on these bad boys. 

The original flavours from Spooky Wooky (classic banana flour) to Fangs a lot (Strawberry), were just down right amazing.

As time has gone on, here at Lost Boys Pizza, maybe the sugar wasn’t the only things that went to our heads because the names of each flavour sound familiar to us. With ‘Fangs a lot’ to ‘Frank n Stein’… maybe when we named our pizzas, was some unintentional inspiration from the good people at Silvel.. Gone but not forgotten!! 

2. Heinz Baked Beans Pizza

Remember this was a thing? If you don’t remember this or you’re too young to know that this even existed, Heinz created a pizza that was just delightfully weird. Baked beans trounced on top of cheese in the oven for 10/12 minutes.. This classic should make a comeback to the frozen food section! Perfect for those who can’t get a Lost Boys Pizza delivered when the hangover starts to kick in at 4 am!! 

3. Space Raiders 

To pay the paltry amount of 10 pence for the tasty pickled onion flavoured corn snack.. Bargain!! 

This was a favourite because of the price AND also the feature on the front of the pack of the space goddess Astra and her rebel pirates, along with a tiny comic strip detailing Astra’s space adventures, simply amazing. 

Maybe we need to stock some comic strips of Astra at Lost Boys Pizza!

So keep the faith, saddened snackers. There might just be hope for your discontinued dream food again!