Film & Food Friday’s – The Breakfast Club

The only way we at Lost Boys could get any more 80s, is if we told you one of us had a part time job during our teens at a Blockbuster Video store up north. Or are we confusing our lives with the all inspired teenage years of James Van Der Beek’s character in Dawson’s Creek or Jamie Kennedy’s character in Scream…

In the 80s, early 90s, 2000s and now still in 2019, the music the 80s brought us is still on a killer playlist, lost somewhere in 245 Eversholt St. But the movies the 80s brought us, hold even MORE of a place in our hearts (I mean Hudson Hawk is a guilty pleasure every here and there). So with that in mind it’s always fun to explore some of our beloved films and see if somewhere in there started this whole food crazed, real life thing we now find ourselves with?

Que The Breakfast Club. It’s one that has had a lasting impact. But the only scene that comes to mind regularly is the lunch scene. Everyone opening their lunch and each lunch representing each character. It’s an amazing scene and as food lovers, one that we love the most down to its meaning. 

What’s more the, let’s call it dishes they all went for, are questionable at best. We are never above serving the Andrew “The Jock” special some Friday!!

Okay, Allison’s (Ally Sheedy) lunch:

Buttered Wonder Bread sprinkled (liberally) with powder from Pixy Stix and finished off with Cap’n Crunch. 

Really? Was THIS A THING?!! 

Is there anything more revolting that you actually want to try because both sounds and looks just amazing!! 

Considered the basket case character – the food inspo here proves she may be just that. 

But basket cases often have the best food inspo!! 

Next we have Brian’s (Anthony Michael Hall) lunch:

Soup, juice, PB & J sambo

As Judd Nelson’s character “Bender” points out – all of the food groups are represented in this movie. And it’s safe to say who the modern day patron saint of this lunch would be… Jamie Oliver?

It’s exactly this type of wholesome lunch that he is trying to get school children to embrace. Gone would be the product placed Coca-Cola’s in this movie (which wouldn’t be the worst thing). 

In a way we all knew Brian’s character was before his time. 

In fairness, Brian was rocking the healthy lunch, that by today’s standards, he would be the Avocado kid in school. 

Last but not least, Andrew “The Jock” (Emilio Estevez) lunch:

From a brown bag, his lunch has a mixture of convenience foods (chips and cookies) and homemade foods (sandwiches). 

As “The Jock” in the movie, wouldn’t he be downing a green shake? Or is that the nerd in me not understanding how the life of an athlete works? 

Either way, the Andrew “The Jock” special is something we might have to muster together at Lost Boys.. Brown Bags sold separately.  

After all that, I keep coming back to Allison’s lunch and feel inspired to try and make some vegan option to this dish with some version of Cereal Milk (™). 

But what a scene and a selection of lunches. 

So, Film & Food Friday?? An 80s classic like The Breakfast Club that makes us get this deep and maybe Andrew “The Jock” special?