Branded in the 80s, remembering the era that shaped lost boys pizza

It was 1980 something and it was brilliant. 

The 80s to us at Lost Boys Pizza needs no introduction. It was the era that brought us the Walkman (a true revolution in technology), Coke versus Pepsi (you decide) and need we forget it was the era that brought us Tom Selleck! 

In many ways, the name Lost Boys is a suiting name to those who work, live and breathe in 245 Eversholt St, Camden, as we feel somewhat lost since the 80s. Theatres showcasing blockbusters like Beverly Hill Cops, The Breakfast Club, Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark… don’t make them like that anymore! Even Pretty in Pink wasn’t half a bad shout on a rainy day if you were in the mood for it! 

And the real popcorn fillers were reserved for the horror and gothic movies that the 80s brought us… Not that Pretty in Pink was bad or anything… it’s just not the Evil Dead!! 

Whether it was Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead II or the classic Gremlins… we were spoilt with great movies. 

Not to mention the movie that made Jason Patric’s career, Lost Boy’s. Despite the horrible remake that seen the light of day in 2018, the original Lost Boys movie was the inspiration to the dark pizza waving store that is our restaurant. 

There’s no denying there isn’t a better movie to build an 80s inspired restaurant off of than Lost Boys. I mean The Goonies was good and all but we will be damned if we have to do the truffle shuffle during dinner service! 

From its original soundtrack hits like ‘Good Times’ by INXS & Jimmy Barnes to ‘Lost in the shadows’ by Lou Gramm… these songs like many others to have been first heard on a compact disc cd ring out daily bringing people back in time like our store was turned into a time machine by Dr Emmett Brown!! 

Look, we here at Lost Boys Pizza might never leave the 80s, I mean who would want to forget the era where your whole life could be kept on a trapper keeper, we had Reebok freestylers and well, Bill Murray.. Nuff said! 

But all we know is, it was 1980 something and it was GREAT!!